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Diamond color grades

Some of the concerns about diamond color grades are addressed below.

Diamond color grades refer to the amount of a specific color that is present in the stone, and more specifically the color yellow. In addition diamond color grades can also refer to the presence of grey in the stone or even the color brown in the stone. In some instances all three colors can be present. When it comes to value, the colourless stone is seen as the most precious - that means the stone which does not have any of the above colors in it.

One of the color gradings that are used, employ alphabetical symbols to represent the color of the stone. D is the symbol for colourless and Z being the symbol for a stone with a definite yellow undertone. When it comes to jewellery the Grade D will thus be the perfect stone, although symbols up to L are all seen as excellent. Even though yellow may be graded lower, there are many jewellery lovers that prefer the yellow undertone.

Apart from the mentioned colors there is also the so-called fancy diamond that reflects more colors than graded in Z which can include canary yellowish stones and which are quite expensive to begin with. Purple pink diamonds are extremely rare and notably also on the expensive side.

Buying from a reputable source is thus essential to ensure that your precious stone is indeed worth its grading. Diamond color grades are just one of the factors which establish the value of the precious stone. Contact us to order a ring according to your taste and budget for that someone special.