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The diamond shape

Most people look at thediamond shapeas the determining factor for whether the cut falls within their taste or not. The most populardiamond shapeis still the round brilliant and is thus also the most commonly available. Sometimes the fancy shape is less expensive than one of the eight basic cuts.

The princess cut provides a superior brilliance and is often a money saving cut for the cutter as it is possible to keep more of the original stone when cutting from the rough stone than is possible with a round brilliant as the corners can still be used with this cut. In the case of the round brilliant most of the corners have to go. This also means that the end price is often slightly lower because more of the stone is saved.

Thediamond shapehowever, also has an influence on light reflection as the longer shapes provide a bow tie light effect including that of the oval, heart, pear and even the marquise cuts. The ideal cut is of course quite expensive because additional care must be taken during the cutting process to retain the perfect light reflection while a lot of the original stone is cut away. If you want the most popular then the round brilliant will always be a winner because of the 360 degree perfect symmetrical form and the amazing sparkle it provides.

Many more shapes are available and highly popular including the elegant asscher, emerald, radiant and cushiondiamond shape. Browse our site for an overview of the shapes available and contact us for a customised ring to suit your taste.