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Diamond carat selection for the engagement ring

Shopping for the appropriate diamond carat size for an engagement ring can be a daunting task. To help you along the way, a few pointers are supplied below. Since the engagement ring is a personal choice, style, taste, and the budget should be kept in mind. That being said a few trends for the diamond carat weight in 2008 can be observed if you are fashion conscious.

A look at historic diamond carat fashions

In the first part of the 20th century, the sizes were big, but by the 1940’s a shift towards the one carat ring could be observed. As larger sizes became more expensive with time, a trend towards the smaller carats could be observed in the late seventies; as small as a quarter carat became popular. Prize fluctuations and income played major roles in the selection of appropriate stone sizes.

Current popular trends

In the current economic climate, the average size is around .38 although the more affluent still purchase engagement rings with diamond settings of over two carats. It is a myth that the ring should feature a large stone. Individual taste, the cut, and setting must be considered. A smaller stone is sometimes more appropriate for the setting than a larger stone, but no doubt, a diamond carat ring of one or larger will get the attention of friends and family. Order your customised engagement ring online at our site and enjoy the benefits of being able to have an input in its design.