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South Africa Product - South African Diamond

A diamond is truly a girl's best friend

A diamond has the ability to transform a simple outfit into something spectacular. Just think of those Hollywood stars who grace the red carpet with a very simple black dress, yet their diamond jewellery adds real glamour and elegance, making them stand out from the starlets dressed to the nines in their provocative outfits. You too can experience the joy of owning your very own diamond jewellery, and it doesn't need to cost you and arm or a leg, or look like to many other pieces of jewellery out there that you can by on account at a retail jewellery store.

At Diamond Source we aim at providing our customers with simply the best diamonds. Regardless of what your budget is, we will have a diamond to suit your exact requirements and budget. We deal only in certified and conflict free diamonds so you can wear your piece of magic on your finger with pride. There are various factors that will influence the value of your diamond, and in this case bigger is not always best. The colour and clarity of a diamond is worth much more than its size so it is therefore advisable to buy a smaller diamond with a better colour and clarity that to buy an enormous diamond that is full of flaws.

When you buy a diamond from us we will provide you with a certificate that contains all its details, from its exact colour and size to clarity. Our expert diamond cutters will be able to provide you with all the information you need before making that all important decision. Remember that new "fancy" cut diamonds are also more expensive that the more traditional round brilliant cuts. Our goldsmiths will also provide you with guidance on the best way to set your diamond to ensure its everlasting beauty and allure. Contact us today and add some glamour and style to your everyday life.