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The diamond diagram

The diamond diagram is also sometimes called the plot as it provides a clear blueprint of all the characteristics of the stone through the proper identification of specific marks unique to that stone.

Flaws are clearly identified through the diamond diagram which normally forms part of the diamond certificate or report. The flaws are marked and if you were to use a magnifying glass or instrument the flaws will correspond to the exact placement on the diamond diagram. If compared to the human, the fingerprint taken for identification purposes is the same.

No two diamonds are the same and by recording its specific features and measurements a stone can be identified. This is especially beneficial in cases of theft or when the owner wants to verify that it is the specific stone that has been described in the report issued by a jeweler.

The characteristics that are so-called internal and which make the stone one of a kind are plotted in red, whereas green is used to indicate the external characteristics of the stone. The fewer the marks the more valuable the stone.

When buying a diamond, you will be issued with a certificate that will include the diamond diagram. The stone is put under a magnifying instrument and the specifics then plotted on the diagram. This can be seen as a mapping step indicating the internal flaws of the stone. The plotting is usually done free of charge as part of the certificate issued. Apart from the colors used specific symbols apply. Contact us to purchase stones that come with the plot and browse through our site for comprehensive information as to ensure that you make an informed buying decision.