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The different shapes of cut diamonds

The shape in which a rough diamond is cut into depends greatly on the quality of the diamond. Before a diamond is cut into a shape, it is first analysed by scanning devices. This advanced technology enables diamond manufacturers to accurately establish the most optimal shape in which to cut the diamond.

The different cutting styles that are used to cut diamonds into shapes basically fall under these three categories, namely brilliant cuts, step cuts or a mixed cut diamonds. These cutting styles are used to transform the rough uncut gem into a brilliant sparkling diamond in different shapes to suit your style and your pocket. A well cut diamond will reflect light brilliantly through its cut facets. A poorly cut diamond is a shaped diamond that has been cut too deep or too shallow and will lack this brilliance.

Some of the shapes into which diamonds are cut include the Round Cut, the Oval Cut, the Marquise Cut, the Pear Cut, the Emerald Cut, the Trillion Cut, the Heart Cut and finally the Radiant Cut or Princess Cut.

Naturally the Oval Cut is an oval shaped diamond, and the Marquise Cut is basically a thinner oval cut diamond with pointed tips on either end and resembles the shape of a rugby ball. The Heart Cut diamond is as the name suggests - heart shaped and is guaranteed to put a little sparkle into the heart of the person wearing it.

A Pear Cut is also similar to an oval cut, however it has a point at one end similar to the shape of a pear. Pear Cut diamonds make ideal pendants for beautiful gold necklaces. The Trillion cut is a triangle shape with curved or more rounded sides. The Emerald Cut is rectangular in shape and is often cut using the step cut technique.

The Brilliant Cut or the Round Brilliant Cut is probably the most popular of all the diamond cuts. The top of the diamond in a Brilliant Cut is called the crown and is round in shape. The sides of the crown are formed into a cone underneath the crown, named the pavilion.

The Princess Cut is possibly the second most popular shape for a diamond. It is a rectangular or square shape that allows for the brilliance of the diamond to shine through and can deliver the same sparkle as a Round Brilliant Cut. The Princess Cut is also quite a new diamond shape as it was created in the 1960’s. Many people prefer the Princess Cut as the diamond is often heavier than the popular Brilliant or Round Cut after it has been shaped. The underside of the square or rectangular shape of a Princess Cut diamond has not been cut away to make a point or cone, as is the case with a Brilliant Cut or Round Cut diamond.