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All You Need to Know About Diamonds

When choosing a diamond that's right for you, it is important to know what you are buying. Here are the main points of a diamond you need to be aware of when looking at diamond rings.


The cut of a diamond refers to the brilliance and luminous qualities of the diamond due to its proportioning, symmetry, and polish. This is not to be confused with the shape of the diamond. When a diamond is cut, it is carefully crafted so as to allow for the maximum amount of light to enter and reflect out of the diamond. Diamonds can be cut into different shapes but the most common is round, which is referred to as a brilliant cut or a square which is referred to as a princess cut. read more...


Although diamonds may appear white or colourless, when compared with other diamonds side by side you can notice subtle brown or yellow tones that make them slightly different. Diamonds that tend to have slightly more colour in them tend to be less expensive. However some diamonds come out of the ground in bright vibrant colours, including pink, yellow, etc. These are considered rare and are more expensive depending on the rarity of the diamond. read more...


Diamond clarity is a quality of diamonds relating to the existence and visual appearance of internal characteristics of a diamond called inclusions. The clarity of a diamond is based on the number and size of inclusions. Every diamonds inclusions are unique. The more inclusions the diamond has, the less brilliance it will have as the inclusions interfere with the reflection of light. The less inclusions there are, the rarer the diamond. Therefore the higher the clarity a diamond has, the more expensive it will be. Most inclusions are so small they can only be seen once magnified. Clarity can make a diamond more expensive, even if it is a smaller size. You need to decide depending on your budget whether clarity is the most important element or if the size of the diamond is more important. read more...

Carat weight

A diamonds weight is measured in carats. One carat is made up of 100 'points.' For example, a diamond of 25 points will be described as a quarter of carat or 0.25 carats. read more...


The shape of a diamond is the overall outline it has when viewed from the top. When looking at rings, it is important to choose a shape that suits your style and will last the test of time. Some shapes are classic and will not date like other shapes. When choosing the shape you also need to consider the other rings around it, if it is an engagement ring. This will also affect the type of shape you want your diamond to be. Consider the wedding band and eternity ring and the style you would like these to be. read more...


Make sure that you receive certification when purchasing your diamond. There are 2 types of certifications possible depending on the size and the price of the diamond and the ring. A diamond grading report tells you about the characteristics of your diamond while a valuation report tells you about the value of the item you have just bought. This is important for your own piece of mind and something you can keep with all of the information about your diamond. read more...